Aarav Solutions to Implement ‘Adptx Cloud’ for RDA’s Phase-II Digital Transformation Project

The Raipur Development Authority (RDA) has shown its satisfaction with the services provided by Aarav Solutions in a news article titled, “ Aarav Solutions to implement ‘Adptx cloud’ for RDA”. With a multi-year project, phase I was successfully formed and now the Phase II project is under-going. 

Raj Darji, Founder & CEO of Aarav Solutions, and his team have implemented SAP ERP for RDA which will help to streamline the sales and business process for quick service delivery to citizens. With the unique cloud feature system i.e. Adptx Cloud product by Aarav Solutions, a state-of-the-art feature was developed and customized. 

Many other print publications and e-news portals have appreciated the outputs citizens received and got covered in the news on “Smart City” projects. 

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