Adptx Utilities Next-Gen Technology For Smart Cities – Construction Times Magazine

In Construction Times magazine as the next-generation technologies for smart cities, Aarav Solutions’ product named Adptx Utilities has been featured as an article by Founder & CEO of Aarav Solutions, Raj Darji.

Raj defines what lies ahead for smart cities enabled with Next-Generation technology. To foster the best quality of life and standard of living through sustainable economic growth, Adptx Utilities aims to help the government in transforming 100 Indian cities into smart cities. Improving the well-being of the citizens by providing them with smart transportation facilities, smart waste management, smart metering system, real-time insights & transparency across facilities is our mission.

Aarav Solutions’ Adptx Utilities Software helps to bring innovative solutions for cultural change and growth. Our plans create transformation by bringing transparency, productivity, and accountability with organizations for efficient operations. 

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