Technology: Reshaping India – Construction Times

For long-term business growth, IT modernization services are at the top of the mind among entrepreneurs. These emerging technologies have proven to give fruitful results in terms of maintaining transparency, enabling real-time information in day-to-day business activities, centralized networking, accountability, reducing the risk of investment, and more. An optimistic stance was shared by our founder and CEO, Raj Darji with a well-known news media Construction Times in their newest edition called FLY HIGH.

Raj Darji drew out a healthy picture of businesses that are adopting digital transformation. Focusing on the real estate segment, the challenge faced is maintaining transparency among buyers and sellers. Also, having a centralized system to coordinate the efforts of a multitude of properties spread across vast areas is a problem of concern. Customer insights show that they face problems in loan management, the status of developing property, detailed information on properties, balancing the payment structure, and all more.

Aarav Solutions has given importance to all the problems and provides the solution for this i.e. Adptx Utilities. Raj Darji has shared the tech solutions like SAP, Odoo, and others that support business activities and provide all-around solutions for long-term business growth and customer satisfaction. Other product portfolios like Adptx comm, Adptx Suite, and Adptx Cloud have helped in shaping business activities. 

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