Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was modified on March 10, 2022.

This Privacy Policy gives the outline for the data of the user who came across for the use of Internet sites, applications, email, online services and newsletter communications. It shows how we collect the information, use it for some purpose, and share data as required. The responsibility to keep your data safe is our responsibility.

While using the site, you acknowledge that the procedure described in this Privacy Policy is in safe hands. It is our request to check Privacy Policy timely for staying updated with the new changes made in the site. All these updates will be referred to by the “Designed on” date, as mentioned above. Your every concern is duly welcomed and feel free to raise your queries at

Your time is the most valuable resource we can have to go through this privacy policy. Please give some of your time to read this out thoroughly, as this is significant for you to take informed decisions while sharing your data.

Table of contents:

1. Data Collection

2. Utilization of collected data

3. Third-Party Concerns

4. Sharing and Transfer of Collected Data

5. Safety & Security of Collected Data

6. Possession of Data with protection

7. Data Preferences

8. Contact Information.

Data Collection:

Personal information you reveal: Your personal information such as name, e-mail address, contact details, address, passwords, security data is collected and stored. With the use of automated systems like IP address, browser type, webpages visiting, terms searched, time taken on a website, location, device name, language preferences, pixel tags, etc. is collected to provide better user experience. Some information is provided by the user and some is automatically collected.

It may be possible that some third-party user may try to track your information, but we do not control such activities. Third-party user information is beyond our control and for that reason we request you to review such policies.

Utilization of Collected Data:

It is our surety that your valuable information will be utilized only for some good cause. In order to provide fruitful services to our customers and some meaningful insights, the data could be used to enhance the usability. Below down is the list of reasons we will be utilizing your data for:

  • For Fulfilling and Managing your order requirements
  • To gain customer feedbacks
  • Delivering only relevant advertisements to you.
  • To send marketing and communication messages along with administrative messages.

  • For protecting our services with end-to-end encryption.
  • Responding as quickly as possible.
  • Enabling user-to-user communication.
  • Responding to legal requests and preventing them from causing any harm.

  • Enabling faster response service with everyone.

The data is secured with an anonymous identity and none of the information is shared with anyone without your permission.

Third Party Concerns:

Any third-party user who comes across our user without our concern is not controlled by us. We do not own any information or formalities circulating by third parties.

Under our control, we possess the information of advertising firms which are present at our website, Our business partners, and some of our affiliates.

Sharing and Transfer of Collected Data:

When it is necessary to share your information, we may share your details under these circumstances.

  • With our current business partners, Third-party advisors, Affiliates, sponsors, service providers, Vendors, Consultants, and any Legal requirements.

We may transfer your information when required under below mention applicable:

  • Our servers have been geographically situated in India, but any person accessing our site or service outside from India then, we may transfer the data internationally.
  • Any legal formalities or requirements come up and are required to transfer information, then we may transfer it.

Above-mentioned any situation takes place, we ensure you that your data is secure with us and our partners. With taking care of all the safety guards, we will treat your data with utmost care and safety.

Safety & Security of Collected Data:

We are solely responsible for keeping your data safe and secure. Still, there is a possibility that your data might be caught under a mistrust situation over the internet and for that we might be required to take necessary action for keeping it secure. Even then, we are not answerable for misleading activities occurring over the internet which might consume your data.

Possession of Data with Protection:

As long as our purpose is served, we possess your data. It is our request that you please consider a longer duration of possession for fulfilling legal/governmental requirements, if required. Without any purpose, we do not possess any personal information for more than a year.

Data Preferences:

We do use cookies for providing the best user experience. Whereas most of the web browsers are already set to accept the cookies by default. However, according to your preferences, you can choose the cookie type and grant permission. If you purposely choose certain cookies, it can dampen the use of services and affect the features for usage.

Contact Information:

We are available at all the time zones for you. Please reach out to