Increase in demand for IoT products – Aarav Solutions Founder and CEO, Raj Darji Interview With IT Voice

In recent years Aarav Solutions has come under focus for its hard work in establishing a Global Brand with its customer-centric approach. Seizing an opportunity with Prateek Harshwal of IT Voice, Raj Darji shared his voice regarding the birth of Aarav Solutions and its magnificent journey of glory. Challenges and achievements were uncovered in becoming a global product engineering and IT consulting services provider.

Some emphasis points were difficulties faced due to the pandemic and ways to overcome them for better connectivity and digital transformation. Raj’s opinion on SMEs’ flourishment through digital transformation was worth discussing. Other highlighted spots were emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. Product portfolios such as Adptx Comm, Adptx Suite, Adptx Cloud, and Adptx Utilities were also talked about.

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