The Digital Era Of Public Services and Government Sectors – CEO Insights Magazine

Founder & CEO of Aarav Solutions, Raj Darji has delivered highly valuable applications of AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and more in Public services and Government sectors with CEO Insights Magazine in the thought leadership column. 

Raj has outlined his tech vision for solving problems like details collection from citizens, smart cities solutions, realistic environment experience, tackle fraud and corruption activities which is already introduced by Andra Pradesh, India. The performance and productivity can enhance through digital technology in private as well as in government sectors. Identification of fake billers is done through e-scrutiny, e-adjudication, e-consultation, and compliance management. 

Aarav Solutions provides solutions that incorporate an easy transition in the digital era. We do an in-depth analysis of data and give the right direction to move towards making an organization more organized and remove all malfunctions activities. With easier and lesser efforts huge transformations can take place in limited time zones.

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